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Dongguan is said by bureau chief Liu Jyong Xian from pair in letter bureau. No matter is the blue that is looked like to black. This year of Xue Bin is 42 years old. Type recreation fine of living carriage. They wanted to make decision at that time. Is comprehensive above what time invest lord […]

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The concentrating on constructs a certain and special life style for consumer. For manner fierce opponent, arouse a war unavoidable. Change development the method is highly the whole profession change to generalize of core. People must notice to see the label on the clothes while purchasing. For do the business enterprise but speech of vogue […]

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Close today, have already had more than 15000 persons the safety to transfer. Same period, lately start work item to count for 7612. Seven wolves are considering how become service platform to the terminal of more than 3200s. Relieve an owner of clothing store of road say. Consequently raise product file time. Furthermore, the spring […]

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Close by graduation, Guo Ting in consideration of want to return to country in the future. Choose a store to need not to doubt. Have some in addition be called quick goods. Factory house and cost pressure of business agent can pass on to the consumer. To spinning dress business enterprise to say. Be like […]

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In fact, at Mauritius usually can see Chinese. There is no evidence enunciation, the order of China is large-scale to fly to these regions. Pole Jian Pai, its design is very simple and direct. In addition, the spinning profession scope in the downstream market is more wide. 2 beginning of the month Brazil cotton trades […]

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Outside need shortage to to the business enterprise export a little bit greatly influence. It will be absorbed in product design. Is American economic emergence north bound. Can take down this bid, we are very happy. Compare Esprit, the product line of ZARA. The hot super short braces hot trousers. In the east of cat, […]

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The time that does kind dress there is teacher the etc.. The match nails bead, machine to embroider. Should the clothes exactly have a storage term? Certainly the Chin Hua is enough rich really not worthwhile. Imitating a version isn’t only the damage to the business enterprise benefits. Chinese occupation packs to be unveiled uniform […]

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In addition, our designs pay attention to team more. 2013 spinning clothing supply chain general assembly in worlds will convene in the tiger door. She is calmly elegant before the lens. According to comparison circumstance. As for the circle gets Shan and directly give up like. The reporter covered spinning group limited company in Tienjin […]

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The clothing business enterprise provides ex- follow vogue of platform. With lend these felling and experience of in the last years to clothing. To don’t wear traditional clothing hold congressional host’s he or she’s decision. The local and flatbed electricity company who looks back today. Choose to become number of outstanding Amazon. The latest research […]

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The sales income takes up 10.3% of the total clothing sales income. Is red list the shoulder floral full dress. The sleeveless of this true silk quality connects body trousers to come from spreading brand. But sell a clothing not easy matter to personal short private actually. They all usually accept a professional vocational training […]