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Obviously, his target gave him too big pressure. Because too complicated and really perfect doctrine. Currently, Vietnamese clothing industry develops a little bit quickly. Those only pay attention to stir-fry to make. In the whole outlet under the environment. Go shopping not walk, and the still easy Ceng arrives foul stuff. The design like this can strengthen muscle resilience while ensuring a comfort index. In the high level ladys’ wear sale outlet. Some well-known European designers, the Chinese special feature. Love a gray person, insight into current affairs. Wear not and too to divide in the office good. BE doing not know and be full of an imaginary world in. The beautiful dress loaded newly arisen with the mission of renew China civilization. The most large-scale China, Asia international Fang machine the exhibition open on the 27th. I seemed to get answer in later interview of a few factories. Each kind of color as if tip over palette. These are many persons who usually go abroad 100 think problems of getting its solutions not. The dimensions of enough liberality equally constructs the texture of enough lightness. Don’t being hard while wearing shoes is moreover crowded. The Euro-American market is blocked currently. The helmsman of this aircraft carrier hardly participates the concrete business of each brand. Toing buy sth. on behalf of sb. be earn of this 7%ly to buy sth. on behalf of sb. fee. Showing the continent area spinning business enterprise is numerous. After passing by several lectures of links. Actually, from the beginning of this year. The comfort includes the silk quality of design the trousers again. They will think and wasn’t a business enterprise order to come will I come over.

Whole field 90% merchandises will tee off 1- 4 the strength for promotion for folding. In this year’s clothing stanza, the scale layer is larger in former years. The Bin Yi Nu chief designer, Mr. Chen. Although have already spread quite a few for quarter. If appear in the labor factory of socks? Therefore, under the different rinse standard.

If there is also reaction, then had better give up the sun block of the brand. The suspender skirt is year of big hot list article. The region in Taiwan revises 310 category textile product examination rules. A trade protection you can say from here. Once foreign company after being joint venture to succeed. Italy is the second spinning clothing export the country is in the world. Rong silk and fly silk totally different. The source version noodles anticipates. The very strong revenue from tax provided to support to the public finance improvement. Currently, the main business duty of man silks is still a labor. Closing is first half year of, the total amount is USD 12. Foreign trade and inside the Mao is completely two roads. Is total to come to say, wear not badly. Mitsubishi rayon and day east the electrician also held hands last year.

Today that raises day by day in the farmer living standard. Profession position from nation to the fixed position decision of the industry of. Up to now, where will clothing in the tiger door go? Argentine spinning profession the yield Be moderate to increase 5.5%. Recent Han Hong goes on stage to sing on stage in Shandong. Public finance subsidy of, generally is an encouragement development of. According to the statistics, this year. But combination store can not the image of outstanding brand. Certainly still have Paris, compare second inside Ci. Still the company plan establishes a negotiable security company and start funds 360. But for promising Olympic Games smoothly progress. How to make us have a good bridge on the terminal? Now, the recreational trousers association establishes to make this to become reality. Two years, because the cost continuously soars. Allied mansion one staff member of Anne reveals. Our country the textile product is huge to beautiful exit amount. At the same time, medium investment specific weight in the western region continue to raise. Face the international local situation of suffering the financial turmoil influence. The Peng beautiful Yuan is just a beginning. But sell to harbour the magic weapon matching to lie in cartoon pattern. Current’s taking Bo will surround clothing industry.

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