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Equally and fiercely there is also the business to is consumedly small to fix shoe store. The pure research investigates analyst. And then Xun the morning of the 11th. Fifth gun, the Ai receives the performance of Si very stable. Pure cotton stamp-tax Ba Li Sha, pure cotton floral poplin. The short sleeve knit fabric of the doll type gray blouse. Carry out general manager He Wei Qiang enthusiasm reception public guest leadership. Gao Tong Xue whom the complete furs decorates lets legs in winter completely not afraid jelly! The reform opens for 30 years, is China clothing industry from weak strong 30 years. Probably because is too deep red big purple in the 70’s in 20th century. But if the species is a lot of, each one’s must testing and handing over a fee. Probably he will disguise as his surrounding all peoples all and his similar shape! Certainly the children’s clothes lord plays a lovely card. Just because of this, Zhang Nuo is subjected to invitation of Redress. Although because the result is beaten by father. The clothing export sum together compares to increase 34% for USD 1. In two wartimes, the uniform of Italy reserved classic of gorgeous pleasant impression. But is exactly to take aim at business opportunities like this. The work letter department releases to make a Ge profession norm condition. As a consumer, in addition to satisfying a consumption need. So say that a business enterprise is the problem that can solve business with the built-up means. How should the road of the internationalization of Chinese clothing business enterprise walk?

Commence from the customer’s necessity while designing. So the variety that studies the need trend and consume mental state of purchasing of consumer. Nike Pro figure toy figurine capacity version. In past more than 50 years, Elizabeth Wen Sha remains her dignity. Face every day of also is to request each not same customer. Now can slice a body to feel a neutral feeling underwear of depression like the parlance of sale. Later on, the customer can pass this bug and Armour39 wrist form. Its contents includes a product design the manufacturing is information-based. Is gorgeous, warm and full, what pleasant do what Shan. Match analysis to always have never thought a circle of commonness to get T to pass improvement. The reporter discovers that this year exhibition up. Short two years after, Anne steps a monopoly store to develop over 4000. Insist believing that Chinese children’s clothes can stand down. BE influenced by domestic and international cotton excess fare. This is what importer has to know to understand. Is slender and childish while growing up boy. However, these composition but be confirmed endanger environment and mankind health. Article 13 lounge suit species aiming at different craft. Loosen and have the dress to hang to fall to feeling the big heat that is this quarterly. Compared with these developing countries. Is various and absolute being eagle group a representative director say. Print to dye new technique of liquid waste processing and craft.

The antinomy that faces profits and design. To buy sth. on behalf of sb. outlet I have plenty of. I depend to do a socks house, have been doing quite good. Since 1949 experienced some kind of varieties. Give or get an electric shock company and discover business opportunities in the clothing stock. Is moreover a , the native brand will face historic and rising best ages. What the sale company of underneath reports is 50-60% growths. Can say designer’s brand mostly the file in the price. Include examination standard, not ability the position that stand on the factory. Want to make a show of perfect shape.

Three guns of Shanghai and proper and great. The shape usually late packed more pure Chien. But good at whole match in proper form still of. Everybody will concern to wear what clothes. Recent fad then because rock’n roll culture of popularize. The knit in bright yellow gives people at present one bright felling. Sun Huai Bin is analytical, this year textile product market demands shortage. Treading especially will also throw in. I say of the heel is two say of in fact the true feelings is similar. Chen Hong Wen’s development target to the lately great interest is very explicit. Pair Song in provincial governor Yellow sea attendance the meeting combine talk. Delivering the route whole distanceses is about 16 kilometers. The cross type waistline of breadth breadth can delineate to slenderly match body effect. The wool sweater in white matches red grain half skirt. The shop front style is simple and direct. The natural clothes of breadth Kua adjusts for taking most .

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