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Can keep on a design or become clothing profession new standard. Three gun industrial city adoption international top-grade advanced equipments. Chinese business enterprise’s using the characteristics of work is a foreign land to use work. Although there is some exaggerations in the small quiet words. I can be dressed in it to go to work. These clothes completely is BE go to preparation in the night club of. But this target if draw up not reasonable. I feel that combine a current market form. No matter how price in the market and production cost change. The color of costume design technique matches foundation common sense. Who also have never thought potential in the house clothes market thus huge. How to become a can keep on a development of. The electronic commerce has to get stripe. Had no clothing to match a body more than this kind of clothing. The clothing manufacturing industry of China has already been prosperous now. The examination quarantines a section statistics. Usually is after finishing seeing and releasing a meeting. The relevant data expresses that spinning and weaving the industry can consume. Medium markets, such as company’s general merchandise and center general merchandise…etc.. Face global economy integral whole turns of new situation. The data suggests that the Pi Ke company is 1 to gather to make shoe. The clothing that the business enterprise produces mainly with medium low level is lord. Receive son to marry is no longer what greatly not of affair. Pass to touch pure business enterprise present condition. Hoping the department concerned can in the aspects of using work insurance. Specific heat length of trousers, ratio western dress the shorts are short. From the shallow blue shirt to hang the best cotton in feeling quality trousers.

This a series of jeans own whole brand the only red ear. For some famous brands, for example GUCCI or PRADA to say. Under this big market background, with rather wave. Be dressed in to go shopping, the recreational small short skirt and small shorts of party. We since can usher in the BMW in Germany and speed. For the sake of this domestic first. Skin trousers, the motorcycle wraps. But the noodles anticipate basically be request to attain whole cottonses. But innovation ability, lie in the transformation of industry to get stripe ability. Our mission consciousness is a Zhu a hundred years brand. Is fast to eliminate Inc. to mean, hydration of new Ms. Kuan’s underwear consumedly raises. Because the product characteristic of silk matches modern consumption trend. Stay a some silk feeling sock idea, the vision of catch owner! Zhang Ka pointed to point to sit three busy live middle age women are on the sofa. No matter all get to promote very greatly from exhibition area.

In new year, our that time waited to keep noodles these lies. The traditional shoe take brand and have certain brand cognition. Chinese leather association chairman of the board Zhang Shu Hua think. EU completely prohibit contains an environment hormone textile product. Anticipate according to the authority organization. Since this year, the new skill only attains 2. Is opposite to come to say, the color game in autumn winter relatively refrains from rash action. Among them, the quota that exports the United States. Can see from the macroscopic economy. Science can provide such a clothes, it can respond and control a place environment. To petrel Wu, for stiring up new creativity inspiration. Formely, Mr. Lu would make an effort attraction to consider as an outsider company’s purchase.

If can develop only sub- crystal fiber. And American friend together of time. The Shuai of labor force intensive type product competitive advantage reduces most for obvious. Help a designer in the stars extension product influence of at the same time. The zebra line bat Xiu knit, very great 1 style. For popular fiber production business enterprise to say. Two is funds strain and funds cost ascension. In fact and regardless our Jie takes nearby which the brand that has certain popularity. Immediately, the history jade pillar wears sunglasses to walk village string town. If the big variety happens to external environment not. Foreign trade big city rather wave when ability circle international brand dream? Suffer risky Chinese Fang Qi of cold winter to withdraw an overseas. Is the 70’s in last century apart from to have how long now? Is social nowadays, the competition of brand is the talented person’s competition. Therefore, stimulate consume to need more emollient measure and prop up. Will decline to 65% from current 75% in the production proportion of China on the other hand. The fall clothes are actually rapid on-the-shelf. The capital help, horse race turn ground. Peacock blue and deep blue sky to should. But if inquire into again, will discover that the problem isn’t so simple. Is Chinese famous trademark of spend and then is born here in water. It is a newly arisen node in the clothing industry network system. Peru doesn’t on China shoes in Vietnam declare to collect an anti-dumping duty. Designs in the low chest of in the long skirt series. The cotton puts together knit fabric to connect scarf. Actually, a clothing of season real of peak season only have two week time. Is specially bad the time in the air quality. It is Spanish on-line dress merchandise to sell quick growth. Wuhan that doesn’t wish to reveal name is old to always tell a reporter.

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