USC’s history honors thesis students have brought new scholarship and insight into our not-so-recent past. Here are just a few standouts: William Orr ’16Orr won a 2016 Discovery Scholar prize for his work “From Condemnation to Celebration: Changing American Representations of the Bombing of Cities and Civilians in East Asia, 1937-1945,” a research project that […]

80-year-old still fascinated with painting

Wu Xiaokuan shows a cat painted on wall in his home in Yubei District, Southwest China’s Chongqing municipality, July 6, 2016. The 80-year-old man said he painted the cat to scare mice away. Wu has been fond of painting since he was a child. He painted a broad range of topics, from modern vehicles to […]

USC stem cell researcher receives first Broad Fellowship

USC stem cell researcher Lori O’Brien What makes stem cells develop into kidneys? Lori O’Brien, a postdoctoral research associate in the laboratory of Andrew McMahon, has received the first Broad Fellowship to help answer this question. O’Brien is the first of a series of Broad fellows — exceptional senior postdoctoral researchers at the transition point […]

USC Study Charts Pollution in Compact Regions

Study author Lisa Schweitzer, associate professor at the USC School of Policy, Planning and Development A study in the latest issue of the Journal of American Planning Association concludes that contrary to current thinking, exposure to poor air quality is higher in compact U.S. regions than in sprawled locations. Public health researchers have encouraged urban […]

China questions US decision to levy heavy duties on Chinese products

China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOC) on Friday questioned the US ruling to levy heavy duties on several Chinese products and vowed to take necessary measures to protect the rights of Chinese companies.The US Department of Commerce decided Wednesday to impose anti-dumping duties of 162.47 percent for imports of amorphous silica fabric, 68.27 percent for carbon […]

Bulgaria will not close its borders to refugees: Deputy PM

SOFIA – Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Rumiana Bachvarova said on Thursday her country does not intend to close its borders to refugees, after meeting with European Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos.”We do not intend to change the regime of our borders,” Bachvarova told a joint press conference while answering a question about possible closure of […]

Students Give USC Mostly Good Grades

Kristine E. Dillon, associate vice president of student affairs, said the administration foresaw the need for increased career planning services for students. The university will double the square footage of the Career Center this summer and increase the staffing budget. Photo by Irene Fertik USC undergraduates are increasingly satisfied with security and safety on campus, […]

Dental school caps week of treatment for Special Olympics athletes

Xiang Li, a gymnast from China, gets his checkup. Smiles, everyone Boitmuleo Setshe, a 19-year-old volleyball player from Botswana, was all smiles after leaving the dental van. Setshe, who had had a dental restoration done and was returning the next day for more work, said he was really happy to be able to return to […]

Portrait of a poet-prostitute

Engraved frontispiece Portrait of Veronica Franco, from Franco’s volume of poems Terze rime, published in 1575. In 16th-century Venice, there were only two kinds of women: “good”women – privileged and sheltered; and “bad” women – objects for men’ssexual release. Veronica Franco was neither, and both. In her book The Honest Courtesan: Veronica Franco, Citizen and […]

Looking Back With Pride

Kelvin Davies and Laura Corrales-Diaz Pomatto Now that another school year has ended, Laura Corrales-Diaz Pomatto has much to be proud of. She excelled in her gerontology and biomedical engineering courses, was a member of USC’s varsity-level NCAA rowing team, earned her second Rose Hills Fellowship for summer research and won the award for the […]